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WA-101Auto spray gun
WA-101Auto spray gun

WA-101Automatic spray gun functions and features:
1、High efficient coating and low fly off;
2、Convenient operate,maintain easy and good atomization performance;
3、Widely use for the paint material;
4、Suitable for the production line for use;
5、It is easy to set the the coating conditions;
6、Applicable to medicine coating spraying, glass spraying etc,. Good atomization performance, fine surface effect of the work-piece, and low paint dissipation, make sure the good quality of spraying and saving the raw material. Combined With automatic spraying machine, reciprocating spray machine and spraying robot for use.


  • 涂料調節鈕
  • 涂料進口螺絲
  • 優化空氣帽
  • 不銹鋼針嘴
High quality spraying equipment supplier
Professional wholesale of Taiwan's Sawey spray gun (SAWEY),
Germany WALTHER spray gun(WALTHER)、
Japan iwata spray gun (ANESTIWATA) British DeVilbiss
spray gun (DeVilbiss), Japan Meiji (Meiji)
Lumina spray gun (Lumina), and other famous brand,
and the American GRACO (GRACO) spraying tool.
To provide you the more professional product and higher quality service,each of spray gun have to be passed the artificial detection. Everyone who purchased our products will enjoy free value-added services maintenance, detection We have a strong after-sales service team who are always for you.

We have many years of experience in coating industry field and
have a strong technical support services team.
our products have been recognized & trusted by many famous enterprises
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you meet and provide the proffesional technical advisory services.
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Use of the Internet products development model, with the spirit of geek to produce products, and get rid of the intermediate links, to provide more high quality, more cost-effective coating tools. We are devote to make coating more efficient, “made in China” more competitive.

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We are the most professional spraying tools wholesale suppliers,and our spray gun is widely use in electrical appliances, toys, plastic,hardware products, blister, packaging machinery, medicine, automobile, casting industry, leather, etc.Our mainly products:Automatic spray gun,manual spray gun, spray gun,coating,the diaphragm pump, mixer pressure barrels,electrostatic dust gun, air pipe and tubing, etc.

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